Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nice Threads

by: Michael Steffes

While we all sit and wait and hope for the Hawks to find win number two, I found something of interest to talk about. Matt Barrows, who covers the 49ers for the Sacramento Bee, has ranked the NFL Uniforms from 1-32.

He ranks the Seahawks at #12. I think that is fair. Here is what he says:

Unis perfectly capture the city, from the Northwest tribal art-inspired logo to the "looks like rain" color scheme. Ok, the Mr. Yuck neon has to go.
Now Matt, why you gotta go and dis the neon? The neon is something that we embrace. Have you seen Matt Hasselbeck's choice of sideline hat this year? How about the beauty of our players when they pimp the neon shoes? The neon is where it's at! The Hawks realize it needs be worked in moderation though, hence no alternate neon green jersey . . . yet.

Anyway, this was a good little write up. His explanations are amusing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. ~END~