Friday, October 31, 2008

Who Needs Practice?

by: Michael Steffes

Frank Hughes had an interesting story this morning about Lofa Tatupu excelling without practice.

He mentions something that had slipped my mind: Lofa didn't practice at all in the week leading up to the Philly game last year. That worked out okay, right?

After all, Tatupu did not practice in the week leading up to the Seahawks’ game in Philadelphia last year because of a strained oblique, then spent Saturday night in his hotel room with the team’s medical personnel attending to him.

“I was sick,” Tatupu recalls. “I was supposed to go out shopping that weekend with the guys out in Philly, and I was getting IVs back at the hotel.”

The result? On Sunday afternoon, in chilling cold and pouring rain, Tatupu had three interceptions, the last of which came in the final minute and preserved a 28-24 Seattle victory.
The conditions are set up for a very similar game. It should be cold and rainy, and Lofa has had plenty of time to study tape. Go get 'em, 51! ~END~