Thursday, October 23, 2008

No News Is Boring News

By: Chris Sullivan

Hey guys. Uh, there ain't a damn thing happening right now--at least, nothing we're privy to. Until practice starts and reports start flooding in, here's something to keep you busy: grade the Seahawks thus far in the year, unit by unit. I'll start. Feel free to provide explanations, but I've got no time to do so myself (work!).

Offense: D-
QBs: F
WRs: D-
RBs: A-
TE: A-
Defense : C+
DTs: B+
DEs: C
LBs: C- (mostly due to expectations)
DBs: D
Special Teams: B
PK: A-
P: D
PR: C- (improving with Forsett, presumably)
Coverage: B (getting noticably better)

Your thoughts? ~END~