Friday, October 31, 2008

Kerney Officialy Out, Heading to Birmingham

by: Michael Steffes

Mitch Levy and KJR just reported that Patrick Kerney is officially out this week. Not only that, but his season my be in jeopardy. He will not even be in attendance at the game. Instead, he is traveling to Birmingham, Alabama to see the infamous Dr. James Andrews. Not too many visits to Dr. Andrews end in good news. Could this be the end of Patrick Kerney's season? Let's keep our fingers crossed it isn't.

If Kerney has sustained another serious injury, it may be time to talk about whether or not he will be on this team going forward. His contract takes quite a jump after this year, and while he was unbelievable last year, this would represent the second time in three years he has been knocked out with a season-ending injury. Kerney is 32 and is unlikely to repeat last year's performance going forward. ~END~