Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jones Makes Another Bulletin Board

by: Michael Steffes

Julius Jones has been great for quotes this year. He talked about how the Seahawks needed to punch the Giants in the mouth before the team headed into the Meadowlands. After the game, it was clear that the Giant players had read what he said and made note of it.

Well, Jones is up on the bulletin board again. This time, the Tampa bulletin board. Apparently, some of the elder Bucs players don't appreciate Jones' take on their defense. He essentially insinuates that they are old and less athletic, and that the Seahawks will try to use that against them. So far the Jones bulletin board material record is 0-1, with a disastrous result. We will see how this week goes before we evaluate whether or not Jones needs to be a bit more careful with his words. ~END~