Saturday, October 25, 2008

Weekly Picks

by: Seahawk Addicts Staff

Gonzo goes from worst to first with a HUGE week! Sullivan is starting to stink up the joint. Maybe he needs to spend a little less time picking out floral arrangements and a little more thinking about football? Else, he is going to end up wearing the infamous neon green thong to next year's opener. Here are last week's results:

Right Wrong %
Steffes 8 6 0.571429
Sullivan 5 9 0.357143
Gonzo 12 2 0.857143

Here are the overall standings......

Right Wrong %
Steffes 59 46 56.2%
Sullivan 57 48 54.3%
Gonzo 60 45 57.1%

Here are this week's picks:

GAME Steffes Sullivan Gonzo
Tampa Bay @ Dallas Dallas Tampa Tampa
Washington @ Detroit Washington Washington Washington
Buffalo @ Miami Miami Buffalo Buffalo
St. Louis @ New England New England New England New England
San Diego vs NO (in London) San Diego New Orleans San Diego
Kansas City @ NYJ NYJ NYJ NYJ
Atlanta @ Philly Philly Atlanta Philly
Arizona @ Carolina Carolina Carolina Carolina
Oakland @ Baltimore Baltimore Oakland Baltimore
Cincinnati @ Houston Houston Houston Houston
Cleveland @ Jacksonville Jacksonville Cleveland Jacksonville
NYG @ Pittsburgh Pittsburgh NYG NYG
Indy @ Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee
Seattle @ San Francisco San Fran 21-20 Seattle 20 - 6 Seattle 17-13

Steffes is taking the dysfunctional Cowboys and the wildcat Dolphins. He is also going with the Singletary effect in the Hawks game (traitor!). Chris thinks Oakland will make it two in a row and New Orleans will take London by storm. Just like his nickname would suggest, Gonzo didn't go out on a limb for any of his picks. We will see if he can repeat last week's performance. ~END~