Friday, October 31, 2008

Mora Officially Not a Candidate for Huskies Coach

by: Mike Parker

Breathe a sigh of relief, everyone--Jim Mora is not a candidate for the soon-to-be-vacant Washington Huskies head coaching job, according to a source close to the situation and reported by the Seattle Times.

It would've been nice to see Mora come out and dispel all the rumors himself [Note from Steffes: He did dispel the rumors to Jim Moore of the PI in a text message last night], but this is good news regardless. The 12th Man can breathe easier now that this can be crossed off the list of worries for an already-maligned season. (Thanks to my good buddy Tam for the tip on this.)

In the meantime, I'm at my new job and need to look busy again. I just thought I'd pop back up on the radar to spread the good news. Happy Halloween, everyone. -END-