Monday, October 27, 2008

Offensive Line Play

by: Michael Steffes

In watching the DVR this morning, it is clear that the offensive line play from yesterday will not grade out well. It would be easy to surmise that from the rushing stats, but San Fran was also keying in on the Seahawks run, something I am sure a guy like Mike Singletary was focused on throughout the week. However, the Niners didn't need extra players to stop the run yesterday, as their front seven were in the Hawks backfield all day. The right side of the line appeared to be the biggest culprit.

Could this be the eventual effect of Holmgren splitting up all the reps? With Lock and Willis splitting time at RT and Womack missing practice with the flu, the right side didn't put up much of a fight yesterday. At least Mike Wahle didn't get flagged for holding, I guess.

Anyway, if the Hawks want to keep their mojo working, the line play is going to need to make a dramatic shift from Sunday's performance. Jim Johnson will get off the bus blitzing, and recognizing blitzes and setting the right protection hasn't exactly been a strong point in recent years.

Locklear looked closer to last year's form than I have seen him so far this season, and Womack should put in a full week of practice. This might be a good week to make sure the line gets as many reps together as possible, and that Chris Spencer and Mike Solari spend an extra hour or two in the film room. Otherwise, the Seahawks home record is going to slip to a previously unbelievable 1-3.

UPDATED NOTE: Robbie Tobek was talking about this very subject on KJR this morning. He said that you should NEVER rotate linemen. He also said that if you have to bench someone then do it, but rotating guys in and out is a sure way to screw up the offensive tempo. ~END~