Friday, October 17, 2008

Marshall Speaks on D's Shortcomings

by: Mike Parker

Clare Farnsworth at the PI recently spoke with John Marshall regarding his unit's disappointing performance thus far into the season. After reading the story, I'm not surprised Marshall said what he said, but it did anything but provide explanations as to why this defense hasn't performed up to caliber so far this year.

"I'm not baffled," Marshall said as the Seahawks continue to prepare for Sunday night's game against the Buccaneers in Tampa, Fla.

"You watch the film and you grade the film, and you know exactly why. You've got to make plays and be more exacting on what we're doing. There's no baffle. It's not a mystery. ... You take on the damn blocker, you defeat him and you go run and knock the hell out of the guy that's got the ball."

The story also makes note of the fact that LoJack is being replaced at starting right end by Daryl Tapp, in an apparent effort at providing the defense with an additional spark. Personally, I think LoJack will be a great player, but at this point I think any changes made - be it in the secondary or front seven - can't hurt.
"That's the hardest part, is trying to get it going right now," Tapp said. "It's something we're really stressing this week."
A road victory would be huge for this team, but it all starts with attitude. I like where Tapp's head is right now, but I really think Marshall is starting to sound like a cantankerous old man whose career is in its death throes. The more I read, the more it sounds to me like there's something going on underneath the surface in the coaching staff that's threatening to become a cancer if it's not resolved - and soon. -END-