Friday, October 24, 2008

Notes from Renton

by: Michael Steffes

  • Matt Hasselbeck will not be playing on Sunday. Mike Holmgren shared this on his weekly KIRO spot. As if we didn't know this already, right? I wouldn't be surprised if Matt misses next week as well.
  • Leroy Hill will not be fined for his hit that left Ike Hillard unconscious. Scott Johnson talked wtih a rep down at the league office. Frank Hughes also explained the league's reasoning earlier in the week.
  • Deion Branch will make the trip to SF. He will test out his heel on Sunday morning to see if he can play. I wouldn't count on it happening, but he did have 110 yards the last time Seneca started versus San Francisco in 2006.
  • Floyd Womack is expected to practice today and should start his 5th consecutive game at right guard. Hey, there are some bright spots to this season after all!
I may update this if more minutia is revealed after the morning practice. For now, there isn't much to report. ~END~