Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Trade Deadline Today at 1 pm

by: Michael Steffes

Today is the NFL's trading deadline. Any and all trades must be submitted by 1 PM PST today.

For a long time, the NFL trading deadline meant very little, and overall I guess it still does. Of all the professional sports leagues, the NFL uses the trade the least. Last year, Booger McFarland was the biggest name to go at the deadline.

It would make sense that the Seahawks could be active today, despite what Mike Holmgren said yesterday in his press conference, but anything is unlikely to happen. In football, teams just don't "sell" at the deadline. Trading is difficult because teams don't hand away draft picks like they used to, and if you are in the Seahawks position there is no way you can hand away a pick when you have only a miniscule chance of recovering enough to make the playoffs.

Unfortunately for the fans, because this is Holmgren's swan song, expect the status quo to be in place for the rest of the year. No coaches will get the axe mid-season. Any player with a future in the league will be kept so the new staff can make a deceision on them. It will be up to the pride within the players, and their fire to be better, to win some games this year. ~END~