Thursday, October 30, 2008

Seahawks in Interesting Position

by: Michael Steffes

The Seahawks are in an interesting position this weekend: they are the "trap" in the trap game, not the giant who might stumble. And rightfully so.

I mentioned earlier in the week that I was surprised that the Hawks were 7 point underdogs at home, mainly because they have been so good at home in recent years. Well, some research points to this being the first time since playing the Raiders at Husky Stadium in 2001 that the Seahawks have been such big underdogs at home. Is this that big of a mismatch?

According to Football Outsiders, yes. They rank Philly as the #1 team in the league in their all-encompassing DVOA statistic. Seattle is only 27th. Or if you prefer, Whatifsports runs numerous (10,001) game simulations in an effort to predict winners, and Seattle only won in 15% of those simulations. They predict the score will be 28-14, Eagles.

So why do I feel like this is all talk and that Seahawks have a pretty good chance in this one? Maybe I am crazy, but I am looking forward to this one being settled on the field and not on paper.

Eagle fans would tell you that the Seahawks have never faced Donovan McNabb, instead feasting on the backup quarterbacks of years past. Well, I say Donovan McNabb has never played at Qwest, something that has frustrated even the most experienced signal callers.

Eagles fans will tell you that Brian Westbrook is their best player and he is finally healthy. Well, I say if you take away the Giants game, which they had won by the end of the first quarter, and you'll see that the Hawks have held good runners in check all year.

The Eagles have trouble in short yardage situations. The Hawks defense excels in them.

The vaunted Eagle defense hasn't been nearly that spectacular on the road, allowing over 30 points a game. The meager Seahawks offense has shown some life at Qwest, averaging 28 points per game at home.

Besides, as long as we've got Lofa against this team, we've got a chance. And Mike Holmgren doesn't want to lose to another former assistant before he heads out of town. I hope. Seneca is ready, and so am I and the rest of the 12th Men. Plus, it is supposed to rain, just the way Seattle likes it. ~END~