Monday, October 13, 2008

Matt Hasselbeck's Knee

by: Michael Steffes

I am not sure why I am going to take this approach now, but I am questioning whether or not the Seahawks are being truthful with us about Matt's knee.

First off, he played three quarters on it after injuring it in NY.

Second, yesterday was as early a must-win game as the Hawks have had in a long time and he couldn't go?

Now this is blatant rumormongering, but I received some communications last week that suggested to me that Matt's knee isn't what is bothering him, and in reality he had re-injured his back. I was hesitant to post anything, but now that it seems the team is preparing us for Matt to sit a few weeks by saying he needs "more tests." It seems pretty logical. The team wasn't exactly forthcoming about the back injury during the preseason.

In reality, the season is lost. There has simply been too much bad fortune. It happens. Let him rest. He has been a warrior. We, as fans, can tough out a few more miserable offensive performances, let's just get Matt healthy. This way maybe we can give some other guys time up front without the fear of Matt getting banged as well.

Of course, maybe it is his knee, and he will be back next week? But if he wasn't risking a more substantial injury playing on it in NY, then why would he be risking that two weeks later? ~END~