Monday, October 27, 2008

Shaun Alexander: Practice is for Everybody Else?

by: Michael Steffes

Hey, I was tempted to let this go because I hate to see Seahawk Addicts divided over a player that is no longer on the team, but this article written by Greg Bishop made me cringe. Shaun is back in the NFL, and playing for two former coaches in Jim Zorn and Stump Mitchell. Apparently that has freed Zorn and Mitchell to speak truthfully about Shaun. Check it out.

There are a couple of quotes from Zorn that are particularly bothersome if you are a fan. Like this:

“Repeating that ’05 season would have been hard. And he just seemed to either not have the knack, or he seemed to take a view of, ‘Hey, listen, when the hole’s there, I’m going to run through, but if the hole’s not there, you might as well go and call the next play.’
Zorn then went on to say this:
Shaun didn’t have a great work ethic in Seattle,” Zorn added. “He didn’t. He said he felt practice was for everybody else.”
The article also said that "Teammates grumbled about his practice habits and the way he smiled after losses." While all of this was just innuendo while he was in Seattle, it seems that neither Shaun nor Zorn minds that it is being shared now. Given all that, it is not surprising that that the Seahawks decided to move on.

Regardless, Shaun is an all-time great Seahawk and should be received well when he returns to Qwest. However, he and his new head coach might want to keep things a little more private if they want it to stay that way. ~END~