Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thoughts On the Game

by: Michael Steffes

I am awaiting my flight home from another disastrous Seahawks weekend. I thought I would share a few thoughts on the game. Fortunately for me, I get to go back to a city where football doesn't even matter. Seattle is a pretty depressing place for a football fan right now.

At least now we know that this is a bad football team. It is time to change the thought process on the season going forward. I don't feel bad that I expected them to do better. I was only one of many, most of whom are paid to be objective, who thought this was a good team. We were all wrong. In the end, the pundits were probably right about the lame duck. This team seems ill-prepared every week.

There is lots of blame that can be spread around. Mostly it seems as if the urgency isn't there this year, and this team is just not good enough to overcome any bad breaks.

In this game there were two, I thought. It seemed as if there was a false start on the Aaron Rodgers sneak that was missed, but so be it, as it only tied the game. However, three points instead of six there could have been huge. Also, obviously the holding call on Mike Wahle. Usually when a blocker has his hands inside the shoulder pads of a d-lineman those calls are left alone, however that is the second similar call that has dramatically affected the outcome of a Seattle home game. The other being the holding call on Womack on the play preceding Patrick Willis' interception return in the SF game. However, it is tough to say it would have really made a difference. The Hawks had roughly 50 passing yards, half of which came on one reception by Koren Robinson in the first quarter. The offense has no explosiveness and is difficult to watch.

All of the same problems ended up biting the defense. Third downs were conceded regularly. The pass rush was weak with the exception of the one big play per game we can count on Kerney for. Run defense was better this week, but it doesn't matter if the team can't get off the field when it is third down.

This team is probably looking at 1-6. They are tied with the Rams in the basement of the worst division in football. It is time to start playing some of the kids. I expect to see minutes for Wrotto, Vallos, Kent, Bryant, and maybe even Adams and Taylor going forward. Let's find out if there is some light in what will seemingly be a long and painful year. So be it.

In a way, it alleviates a lot of pressure on the regime taking over. Had this team been a Superbowl contender, there would have been a lot of questions if they began to struggle next year. Now, with a new philosophy, Mora and co. can take some chances and make some bold moves without the fear of crumbling a powerhouse. In the end, the Hawks will better for a lost season like this. Things just need to change. If the team has become predictable to the fans, imagine what it looks like to those who watch hours upon hours of game film. At least draft day will be a little more exciting this year. This is a bad football team and while the only place they have to go is up, that may not even be the best thing.

All that said, I can't wait to come back up for the Eagles game in two weeks. It is what it is, but I love the Hawks good or bad and for now I will just be watching with a different lens. ~END~