Saturday, October 11, 2008

Week 6 Picks

by: Chris Sullivan

Hey guys and gals, it's that time of the week: PICKS!

Last week, Chris (that's me!) made some unorthodox picks--the only one picking Washington or Pittsburgh--that led him to the win for the week and taking him into first place at the end of five weeks. Bada bing. Here are the standings:

Right Wrong %
Steffes 6 8 .429
Sullivan 8 6 .571
Gonzo 5 7 .417

and for the season:

Right Wrong %
Sullivan 43 31 .581
Steffes 42 32 .568
Gonzo 40 34 .556

So, onto this weeks picks:

GAME Steffes Sullivan Gonzo
Baltimore @ Indy Indy Indy Baltimore
Detroit @ Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota
Oakland @ New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans
Cincinnati @ NYJ NYJ NYJ NYJ
Chicago @ Atlanta Atlanta Chicago Atlanta
Carolina @ Tampa Bay Carolina Tampa Bay Tampa Bay
St. Louis @ Washington Washington Washington Washington
Miami @ Houston Houston Miami Houston
Jacksonville @ Denver Denver Denver Jax
Philadelphia @ San Fran Philly Philly Philly
Dallas @ Arizona Arizona Dallas Dallas
New England @ San Diego San Diego New England New England
NYG @ Cleveland NYG NYG NYG
GB @ Seattle Seattle 30-24 Seattle Seattle

A lot of unanimous picks this week, with the squad picking Minnesota, NO, NYJ, Washington, Philly, NYG and the Hawks, 7 of the 14 games. Steffes sets himself apart by picking Arizona at home over Dallas, and Carolina on the road in Tampa. Gonzo went crazy picking Jacksonville over Denver, and the hefty Raven defense over Manning, Addai and the Colts. Sullivan is staking his reputation on Miami beating Houston on the road with a Ronnie Brown touchdown pass in the 4th, and the Bears beating and eating the Falcons. I figure, hey, if the Bears are ruling on Wall Street, why not in Hotlanta?

Let us know what you guys think. Go Hawks! ~END~