Monday, October 27, 2008

Mike Holmgren Victory Presser

by: Michael Steffes

I am summarizing what Holmgren has to say, as he speaks. From his mouth to your . . . screen, or whatever. Get your Hawk on! If you want to see the talking points . . .

  • The feeling is better today. The players continued to work hard and he is glad it finally paid off. Comparing the last couple games, the big difference was the Hawks got the big plays this time. Against GB and Tampa it was the other way around.
  • Philly is coming in. They are an outstanding football team. Hopefully we get lucky with the injury situation. Hopefully the defense continues to create opportunities, and special teams seem much improved.
  • Matt is in LA to see Dr. Watkins. They will know more on Matt tomorrow. Lofa had a groin strain and won't practice, but should be able to play on Sunday. Kerney re-injured his surgically repaired shoulder. He is stronger today than yesterday, and he likely won't practice, but if he is strong enough by the end of the week he could play.
  • Matt is in the same boat as Kerney. He will rehab this week and if he is strong enough he might play. It is a day to day thing, but for now Seneca is the QB and the team will continue to rally behind him.
  • Holmgren took some responsibility for the Tampa game, saying he didn't give Wallace much of a chance to win it. This week he said to the offense, instead of being perfect and trying not to make mistakes that they were going to let loose and play a bit. They responded.
  • The plays that Weaver scored on are actually base plays that the team runs a lot, so he thinks that Weaver's performance is not a fluke thing. We may see more of Weaver going forward. Holmgren's reaction when seeing Weaver break free was "Finally! Finally a few go our way!"
  • Talking about Koren, Coach said he has always enjoyed the physical part of football, and that he has always been willing to block in the run game.
  • Holmgren was asked if Weaver has asked for more touches. He said "he can ask," implying that it would be a long shot for Weaver to be featured in the offense.
  • Holmgren took responsibility for the last two losses. He believed the best chance to win was to play it close to the vest. They lost though, so this week he felt that if they were going to go down, then they were going down with guns blazing. Surprisingly, calling the game was more fun for him.
  • D.D. Lewis is doing fine filling in for Lofa
  • Coach doubts that Deion Branch will be back this week. He is hoping for the following week in Miami. There is a little uncertainty as to what is bothering him. They worked him out hard last week and he became really sore. When he can work out and still be okay the following day, then he will play.
  • He is happy with the way the newer WRs are playing. He reminded everyone that it takes up to three years to learn the nuances of what Coach wants them to do. They are learning and working hard.
  • He said Wilson is really doing a nice job of maturing. Teams are picking on him because he is young and he is learning from it. He is an explosive player. He really likes Josh a lot.
  • When dealing with a defense like Philly, you have to keep the QB from getting hit, the QB needs to have a good week of prep, and when there is a chance for a big play you have to make it. Philly does a good job of not tipping where they are coming from. Any team could learn and copy what Philly does, but you have to have the right players and a coach that teaches and believes in the system for the players to execute it that well.
  • Holmgren was asked about the Singletary press conference. He didn't see it. When Clare elaborated on what happened, coach said that sounds like Singletary the player. Everyone has to do what they think they have to do.
  • Holmgren was asked about Ty Willingham. He expressed regret that things went the way they did for Ty. He talked about knowing Ty from their work with the Salvation Army and that his nephew(?) was working with Ty. He said that every head coach knows that this can happen going in, but he never likes to see things not work out for any coach. It's a results-oriented business, though.
  • Holmgren talked about learning by watching Bill Walsh handling the media. He said he learned to be honest. You can't con anybody--not players, not the media, etc. He said he learned not to be condescending because there are smart guys sitting on the other side of the table.
  • Coach said he chose to defer the kickoff because Mitch Levy told him to. Freaking hilarious! Too bad Mitch told him to do it at home. He said they needed to change some things, and this was one thing they changed.
  • When Holmgren was on the competition committee he was never in favor of that rule. He didn't want any more decisions to have to make.