Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Get Your Hawk On

by: Michael Steffes

Hey, just in case you are somehow blind to the sidebars but are able to read text, I thought I would point out that the Seattle Team Store is offering a great deal this week. They are offering 20% off all their Hawks gear. So get your Hawk on for cheap!

Over the weekend of the Packers' game, I had the distinct privilege of meeting Jeff, who owns and runs The Seattle Team Store. I also got to meet several of the guys who work there. They are hardcore Seahawks fans just like you, and they are suffering right along with all of us, which is probably why they want to make the season a little more tenable going forward. So if you need, want, or (like me) compulsively buy Hawks gear, why not get it from hardcore Hawks fans who live and die with the ups and downs of the team? That is why The Seattle Team Store is the official fan outfitter of Seahawk Addicts, and always will be. Thanks for the deals Jeff, most of us really appreciate it!

If you're interested in what I am into, I purchased the Seahawks "conflict hoody" while I was in town, and am eying the "playoffs 2" jacket for when it gets cold. Jeff is also saving a replica Chuck Knox hat for me to go with the badass Knox sweater I wore to the Packers game. The Knox sweater was a big hit. Ground Chuck is where it's at! END