Thursday, October 16, 2008

Holmgren on Seneca, Sando Hits the Mailbag

by: Mike Parker

Danny O'Neil recorded this video yesterday of practice, with audio overdubbed of Holmgren talking about Seneca.

It seems as though today's practice will be the biggest deciding factor in who we'll see under center against the Bucs on Sunday. In the video, Holmgren says it'll come down to how Seneca's leg responds and they'll go from there.

Since Charlie Frye looked downright terrified on the field against the Packers on Sunday--holding onto the ball too long, freezing up under pressure and getting to know Aaron Kampman a lot better than he probably felt comfortable with--I hope Seneca's calf holds out and he gets a shot at taking the reins. We shall see.

In other news, Sando hit the mailbag pretty hard this morning and answers a couple questions about the Seahawks' defensive woes here. The readers hit on some good topics and asked the John Marshall Question, and it looks like Sando and our own Steffes share an opinion about one or two things. Check it out.

ESPN is calling our situation "Defenseless in Seattle." After reading that, which has to be the 113th time ESPN has used a romantic comedy to describe the state of sports in this town, I've decided it's probably time for the experts to pick a new metaphor. Maybe I'm just bitter. -END-