Thursday, October 23, 2008

Time to Branch Out?

by: Mike Parker

Deion Branch didn't practice again today, which all but certainly rules him out for Sunday against San Francisco.

With the shape the Seahawks' roster is currently in, is it really the best choice to keep the oft-injured Branch active? Should the Hawks be looking elsewhere to fill this void at receiver--again? It didn't work out too well to begin with, of course, but a healthy K-Rob and a healthy Hasselbeck could create some semblance of a passing game. But, since the injury curse has struck the team, that possibility is remote at best.

The problem with replacing Branch, of course, is that the trade deadline already passed, but more importantly our luck at finding fill-ins didn't quite hold out either. Billy McMullen is done, Samie Parker didn't even play a game, and Koren needed a couple weeks to get into playing shape.

But the bottom line here is this: do we want Deion Branch on this team any longer? -END-