Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Should the Hawks Go Young?

by: Michael Steffes

It would seem to make sense that for the remainder of the year the Seahawks should try to find some playing time for younger players, especially those who flashed in the preseason. At this point there is nothing to lose . . . well, except more games.

So, here is the question I pose to you, on this Seahawks off day. Would you be more interested in the Hawks going forward if they were playing guys such as Steve Vallos, Mansfield Wrotto, Jamar Adams, Justin Forsett, Jordan Kent, etc.? Or do think the Hawks should line up their absolute best 11 on each side of the ball? I am not saying the team shouldn't try their hardest to win every game. Young guys give good effort, too. However, maybe we should see how these players perform so that another unmitigated disaster--like what happened with the wide receivers--doesn't happen when they are called upon.

Your thoughts? END