Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Chargers Make Move--Are Hawks Fans Envious?

by: Michael Steffes

The Chargers made a bold and decisive move today as they felt their season slipping away while playing in an easily winnable division. They fired their defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell, promoting linebackers coach Ron Rivera to that position. Here is how the two teams stack up on the defensive side of the ball:

Total Defense 28th (371.6) 27th (367.0)
Passing Defense 32nd (265.1) 30th (245.3)
Rushing D 16th (106.5) 22nd (121.7)
Scoring Defense 23rd (24.9) 25th (26.3)
Sacks 9th (17) T-6th (19)

Both of these teams were expected to be contenders. Both were expected to have elite defenses. The biggest difference between these two teams? One of them has a coach who is worried about keeping his job, and the other is just coaching out the season. That, and one of the teams has a competent offense, which is probably why the Seahawks are hesitant to blame their defensive coaching staff. ~END~