Thursday, October 30, 2008

Run Seneca Run

by: Michael Steffes

Like it or not, here come the Eagles. And, like it or not, the Hawks are sending their mighty backup Seneca Wallace into battle with the season hanging in the balance. There are two things that are common knowledge in this equation: Jim Johnson likes to blitz, and Seneca Wallace is a mobile QB. Seems like a good match, except for one thing . . .

Seneca Wallace hasn't been so mobile this time around.

If the Seahawks are going to have a chance on Sunday they are going to need some help from Seneca's legs. So far this year, he has had two runs for six yards. This is a far cry from the Seneca we saw start four games back in 2006. Here were his numbers then:

@ KC..... 3 rushes for 21 yards
vs Oak... 3 rushes for 49 yards
vs StL.... 2 rushes for 31 yards
@ SF..... 2 rushes for 21 yards

Total: 10 rushes, 122 yards, 12.2 average

Sounds like a good day at the office to me. A 12.2 average equates to a first down every time Seneca escapes. Not only that, but after a few big runs the Eagles may have to rethink their blitz strategies. Is Seneca's lack of running this year directly related to his calf? Probably, at least a little bit. But, maybe, Seneca is still trying to prove he is a pocket passer.

Seneca is a an acceptable backup quarterback. However, he is 5'-11". He needs to find lanes to throw through. In the face of the blitz, his height becomes a major disadvantage, but in turn his legs become an asset.

Let's hope that is the case this weekend, because first downs are going to be hard for the Hawks' offense to come by. If Seneca can scamper past the markers a few times himself, then maybe the Hawks will have a chance. ~END~