Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Difference a Coaching Change Can Make

by: Mike Parker

It's the start of the second quarter in the Cowboys-Rams game, and the score is 21-7. Here's the weird part: the Cowboys aren't in the lead.

Since Scott Linehan's departure as the Rams' head coach, the team has looked far more inspired and determined to win on the field. They never gave up in DC last week against the Redskins, and their rejuvenated willpower got them in field goal range in do-or-die time for Assclown Brown to give them their first win of the season.

Though not as sudden or drastic, the addition of Mike Martz as the 49ers' offensive coordinator has provided a much-needed spark to what was the worst offense in the NFL last year. (And, statistically, one of the worst in NFL history.) The 49ers right now are at least holding their own at the Meadowlands against the Giants--something the Seahawks failed to do two weeks ago on the same field. Though their pass protection is atrocious, the 49ers have a fairly decent passing game going again, and they even managed to partially resurrect Isaac Bruce's career.

With all this being said, is it time for the Seahawks to seriously consider making a coaching staff change in the middle of the season? I know the possibility of this actually happening is pretty slim for many reasons, and this train of thought is mainly stemming from observations I've had of games so far today (albeit before coffee). But with the recent surge in the Rams' offense (which I won't lie about being more than fairly uncomfortable with), and the 49ers slow-but-steady improvements, should the Seahawks assess their options right now and replace certain coaches? And more importantly, should John Marshall's name be at the top of that list? -END-