Monday, February 11, 2008

Dying for the Draft???

In what i am sure will be the first of many. Here is the first looksy at the draft i am willing to provide. Many of you who have heard my opinions know that I believe strongly that worrying about the draft is pointless before free agency. Needs change!

Anyway, cause a lot of you know and trust him, here is a link to Rob Rangs mock draft (version 2.0). Some of you may have seen his work @ Seahawks Insider over the last few years.

Beyond that.... Rob works for a website called NFLDRAFTSCOUT.COM. It is a top notch draft information website. I have been a subscriber for two years. You may have checked it out via the link on the side of page. PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!!!! !and if you can afford it SUBSCRIBE! Its a great site you won't be disapointed.

Beyond that, I have an email out to Rob in an effort to get the same kind of analysis here that he provided to us through Mike Sando the last few years. Will he accept my proposal? Who knows? He will probably delete my email. But here is to hoping! Why not, Faneca hasn't signed anywhere yet, and Indy hasn't tagged Clark. The Sky is the limit!

UPDATE (2/11)-- Rob did respond to me, and unfortunately because of his contract with NFLDRAFTSCOUT, he is only allowed to work with major media outlets. Too Bad. But he is a nice guy and he offered to talk Hawks with me every once and while if I email him. So who knows maybe we can get something out of him unofficially.