Sunday, February 10, 2008


This is the briefest of the offseason preview posts. It is a breakdown of the secondary free agents the Seahawks have to decide on. This list looks something like this:

Kevin Bently
Niko Koutouvides
Pork Chop Womack
Ellis Wyms

Kevin Bently-- Coming off his rookie deal. Last year made 788,000. Made an impact the few times he was asked to start. I think that he is the best bet to be re-signed . I don't other NFL franchises view him as a starter, so he is most valuable to the Seahawks. He should get something just above what Craig Terrill just got, 3yr, 5 million.

Koutouvides-- Special teams captain. This could increase his value on the free market. That and the fact that he more of middle linebacker. If he won't sign a reasonable short team deal he will be gone. But fear not special team fans, I hear Isiah Kacyvenski is free agent. In other words, Niko, your great, but we can find someone else to do your job for a million or less.

Pork Chop-- My guess is 'Chop' wants to find a team that will feature him as a starter. Is that possible? Sure, especially if they enjoy having key players on IR. Here is how I see it. If are getting rid of older guys like Grey and Ashworthless, then we should try and keep Chop for his versatility. If we fail to resign Locklear, it is almost a must in case Willis is a train wreck. Womack has never made more than 2 mil a year, so unless some other team is crazy, he won't get much more because he hasn't had a chance to show his ability.

Ellis Wyms--- He got cut last year, and then was lucky that Tim Ruskell had moved on and still likes small undersized defensive lineman. Since Reinfeldt had already moved on to Ten by the time Wyms arrived, i can't imagine anybody being interested in his services. He should be back. the Hawks value versatility on D, and besides have you seen our depth at defensive end?

8 meaningful free agents. My guess is that six will be back. There will be in the vicinity of 10 million to play with. Now no team wants to go right up to the cap, in case of injuries and unforeseen circumstances, so assume 1 name you know, and 2 you may have heard of, but nobody who is a superstar.

Now that said... Maybe the team puts it all on the line for Holmgren's last year. If the Redskins can be over the cap every year and still sign free agents, then the Hawks can certainly find room to pay whoever they want. But remember, the more big contracts on a team, the more rookies playing important roles. It takes a whole 53 man roster to win a championship, and that seems to be the approach Tim Ruskell takes.

Next time I will talk about the Free Agents from outside the organization that the Hawks are most likely to take a look at.... When The Offseason Preview Continues...