Monday, February 11, 2008

Paul Allen has Deeeeeeeeeeep Pockets

As I wait until midweek to see if the franchise tag is used on any of the current crop of free agents before continuing with the offseason preview, i give this to you for discussion...

This is a discussion that I had with a good friend the other day. Why not go redskins this year and rework everybody's deals to make room for the best and the brightest of the free agent crop? There is trouble brewing on the labor negotiations front. Check this out from It is not just Jerry Jones either, other owners have been making noise about opting out of the CBA.
This would seem to lead to the end of the salary cap, if you believe Gene Upshaw. As Seahawk fans, we should celebrate this! This is the one local franchise who this helps tremendously. I ran across this article from Klaus Kneale of Forbes. I read this a couple of weeks ago, and it backs up this theory.

Just think about this.... Paul Allen has 16.8 billion!!!!!! (why the hell did he sell the plane?), Second/third are Malcom Glazer and Wayne Huizinga w/ 2.5 bil (How can they even afford a nice yacht?? seriously!)

Discuss..... Do we care if the salary cap disappears?? and if this is really a possibility in 09' why not sign big names for Holmgren's last year and hope we never have to pay the proverbial piper in regards to the cap?