Friday, December 19, 2008

100 Words with the J-E-T-S!

by: Chris Sullivan

You guys may or may not recall back in week five when Steffes was asked to help out the New York Times' football blog, The Fifth Down, to preview the Seahawks versus Giants game. Well, the fine fellows over there asked us if we could do it again, and I was happy to oblige. You can check out that post right here.

I found it funny that, in true Seattle/Jets fan nature, none of the three writers (myself, John Morgan, and John Woods) picked our team to win. Ha! Well, at least one of us has to be wrong, but I think with the playoffs on the line for the Jets and, uh, the, uh . . . yeah . . . on the line for the Hawks, well, the Jets get the edge. What do you guys think about my, Morgan and Woods' assertions? Let us know!

Also, stay tuned a bit later for five questions with the guys over at The Jets Blog. ~END~