Sunday, December 28, 2008

Who might Mora hire?

by: Chris Sullivan 

I think the biggest question going into this week will be who--oh who!?--will Jim L. Mora, Head Coach of your Seattle Seahawks, hire this week to build up his coaching staff? A lot of that depends on who is let go... For now, lets assume that we're only dealing with Offensive and Defensive coordinators. 

OC Possibilities:
  • Greg Knapp - Knapp was Mora's OC in Atlanta and currently is the OC in Oakland (but we'll forgive him their ineptitude, we all know the Cryptkeeper runs that team into the ground). Because of his experience with Mora and Ruskell, I give Knapp the best odds.
  • Mike Shula - An old name from Ruskell's past, Shula was the OC in Tampa Bay from 1996-1999 under Tony Dungy. Shula is currently the QB coach in Jacksonville. 
  • Scott Linehan - local guy with ties to the UW who was great as an offensive coordinator and sucked as head coach. We know he's looking for a job, and this is as good as any other, right? 
  • Rod Chudzinski (Chud) - Currently the OC in Cleveland, Chud will almost certainly be out a job after the Browns suffered an awful year and Romeo Crennel has been shown the door. There was big talk of him in the offseason last year as a head coaching possibility; Chud could be a steal... or a dud... 
  • Gil Haskell - Keeping Haskell on for a year is a definite possibility. It would lend some consistency to an offense that could struggle (more) with a systemic shock. We know we'll be sticking to WCO for the time being, so why not stick with Haskell? I don't like it much, but it could happen. And hey, if Haskell were calling the plays, things might be a little different... might...
DC Possibilities: 
  • Ed Donatell - Another Mora guy from Atlanta, he worked under Mora for three seasons as DC in Atlanta. He's currently DC at the University of Washington, but we won't hold that against him. Maybe...
  • Dwaine Board - Current Seahawks D-Line coach, one of the bright spots these past few years, at least, at times. This would be another bit of sticking with a current guy who has proven himself to be competent. Board has never been a DC though, so it might be a bit iffy with some other guys free. 
  • Richard Smith - A name to watch, Houston's current DC who is expected to be fired today or tomorrow. He hasn't done too much great in Houston, but he's been solid throughout his career and spent a good 6 years in San Fran with Mora + Co. 
  • John Marshall - Just  kidding. 
Who am I forgetting? Who are you guys hoping for?