Friday, December 26, 2008

49ers Throw Their Faces Back Too

by: Chris Sullivan

As a long-time Hawks fan, I've been hoping to see the retro Seahawks jersey on the field for a long while, but to absolutely no avail. As far as we can tell, the Hawks don't seem too interested in wearing the throwbacks, perhaps because the new uniforms are recent enough that they are still "branding" the team. Who knows? Anyway, I stumbled on this article and found it pretty enjoyable, even if those being praised are the 49ers.

Basically, the 49ers are wearing their throwback jerseys this coming weekend for the season finale against the Washington Redskins, but thats not all: they're also wearing throwback mustaches as was all the rage back in the golden days of the '9ers. Anyway, I found it pretty amusing, and it gave me another opportunity to gripe about the lack of throwbackage.