Friday, December 26, 2008

Report: Singletary to Ink Multi-Year Deal in SF

by: Chris Sullivan

FoxSports is reporting that Mike Singletary is set to sign a multi-year deal to remain head coach of the San Fransisco 49ers for the foreseeable future. Good for him, good for the 49ers, and good for competition in the NFC Worst. I've always liked Singletary as a player, position coach, and yeah, even as the head coach of the Whiners.

Within the report is an interesting bit about how Mike Martz will be shown the door with the official ascension of Singletary. Not that I'm shocked (or displeased), but the Magical Mike Martz Machine again proves itself incompetent. Maybe it's the lack of a decent QB, O-Line, and backup players, or maybe Martz isn't the genius he was once considered.