Tuesday, December 23, 2008

ESPN: "Worst Year Ever" for Seattle

by: Mike Parker

And before you roll your eyes at the title of this story (which I initially did), look closer.

ESPN has published this story on the past year in Seattle sports, with the appropriate headline "The Worst Year Ever."

But the story isn't just about recapping an exceedingly brutal period in the lives of Seattle sports fans - it details the life and times of Loren Sandretzky, otherwise known as "Big Lo." Anyone who's been to a Hawk game or seen the legion of 12th Man on TV will instantly recognize Big Lo's "Sea-Fense" sign and relentlessly enthusiastic presence.

The story chronicles, among other things, Big Lo's struggle with diabetes and his undying love for all things sports in Seattle. It does delve into some painful wounds that aren't healed for fans just yet - the Sonics being stolen from the city by scheming owners, the Huskies' dismal season, and the death of the Tuba Man - but it's at least worth your time to skim over.

Besides, with a year like this, there's got to be a light at the end of the tunnel. And hey, it might not even be the train. -END-