Sunday, December 14, 2008

Assclown of the Day - Josh Brown Memorial Award

by: Chris Sullivan

The Seahawks face the the Boil from Foyil for the second time this year, and, as Mr. Josh "I Love You Carrie Underwood!" Brown was the inaugural winner of the "Assclown of the Day" award wayyy back in February (and a Lifetime Achievement Award winner a couple months ago), we figured it was time to roll out the red carpet one more time . . .

Assclown of the Day: Jerry Jones

Wow, Jerry, just wow. Look at what all your hard work signing a rag tag team of "Bad News Bears" has gotten you? So now it's being reported that T.O. will never speak to Witten again, Romo and T.O. apparently had some issues earlier in the week, Adam Jones is still a total screw up, Wade Philips doesn't have the balls to stand up to Crybaby T.O. (or you won't let him), and every piece of press your team has gotten in the last three weeks has been negative. That sounds like a great way to play host to the defending NFL champions, yeah? Jerry Jones, you sir are the Darth Vader of Assclowns! I'm surprised you haven't contracted Pacman to shoot up Emperor Al Davis at a stripclub yet, you friggin ASSCLOWN! ~END~