Monday, December 15, 2008

Turning Point Versus Rams

by: Chris Sullivan

I was thinking about yesterday's game this morning, specifically about identifying the turning point. It was pretty clear that the first half of the game was dominated by the Rams with the only Seahawks score coming from a Babineaux fumble return; the Rams marched for two of their longest scoring drives of the season on us. Something changed heading into halftime, something that completely spun the game on its head, and from what I can tell this was it:

Seneca Wallace was sacked. Again.

Big whoop, right? Well, yes. I was pleasantly surprised by Seneca when he got up and removed his helmet--he was pissed! He was screaming at his guys to protect him (damn it!) and did something we have not seen from many Seahawks all year-- he showed some fire, some drive, some heart. I wish I could have been part of the locker room conversations at the half, because whatever Seneca said seemed to inspire the team to rally around him. Seneca grew up yesterday and became the leader of this Seahawks team where they desperately needed one.

I've never been too impressed with Seneca as a quarterback, but the last two weeks he has played fairly well, and yesterday he appeared to finally relish the opportunity he was being given as the positional leader of the Seahawk offense. There was no Matt looking over his shoulder, and Coach Holmgren is something of a lame duck. Seneca stepped up and said "it's time to play football," and the Seahawks got their first win since October as a result of that. I don't think this means much in the long term for the Hawks, but it was definitely nice to see. Go Seneca! ~END~