Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bill T's Weekly Wrap-up -- Slight Delay!

by: Chris Sullivan

Hey all, Bill T wanted me to give you all a heads-up that he has not been able to complete his weekly column quite on time due to some medical issues. I'll let him do the speaking:

Wednesday morning I had to have a shot of steroids injected into my spine in an attempt to reduce swelling that was causing a nerve to be pinched. This is a result of an earlier automobile accident. They cautioned me that being diabetic, I would see my blood sugars go up. Boy did they ever! My sugars went berserk and out of control. I tried vainly for the next 36 hours to get them back down, but even using upwards of 700 units of insulin (around 7 days' worth) in that short period of time didn't help.

What did happen though was that I developed pancreatitis from the shock to my pancreas and was hospitalized early this morning. I've been in severe pain all day and haven't been able to get my laptop here yet so I guess I'm going to be late on my column this week. I've got it underway on my computer back at the house but I've got work to do on it to be able to get it ready for publication.
Well-wishing goes in the comment thread below! ~END~