Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Seahawk Addicts Fantasy League - Final Results

by: Chris Sullivan

Hey all, thought a few of you might like to know how the Seahawk Addicts Experts Fantasy League turned out... here are the final standings:


1) Michael Steffes - The Leavy Conspiracy defeated the favored
2) Mike Parker - FusterCluck, who finished with the best overall record of 11-2 in the regular season.
3) Hasselhawks FFT, won the bronze after giving a handsome beatdown to
4) SocalHawks, who loved sending messages to the group complaining about Hojo's Seachickens (see below)
5) Chris Sullivan - The Ballard Bosworths could've had it all if not for two consecutive defeats to Parker, but did hold off
6) Yung's Hawks, who was favored but lost because he didn't notice that Boldin was benched. Ouch.
7) Purple Pansies crushed his competition by the 46 points, leaving
8) The Bed Wetters in 8th place, but hey, at least he came out on top of...

9) Stimpson's Squad
10) Green Machines
11) Tangoed Whiskey Man
12) Hojo's Seachickens
13) Ground Chuck
14) Bad News Kennel
15) '05 Steeler Cheaters
16) NFL Witness Protection

Congrats to Steffes! Thanks to all of you who played, next year it will be on Yahoo Sports.