Friday, December 19, 2008

A Solicitation

by: Chris Sullivan

Hey all, I hope you're enjoying the 'winter wonderland' if you're anywhere near Seattle (or most other places in the country). Anyway, since you're probably all bored and feeling thoughtful, I figured this might be a good opportunity to solicit some responses from you. What I'd like to do, and think would be appropriate, is to honor Mike Holmgren as we approach his final Seattle home game.

So, what I'm asking you for is to email me your thoughts about Iron Mike Holmgren. Any game that sticks out at you as a "wow, I'm glad we have this guy!" or a draft pick, a loss, a press conference, anything . . . or be broad, what has Holmgren meant to you and to your Seattle Seahawks?

So send those in, preferably via email (if you leave it in the comments, your responses will already be read by the time the post is up). I will check the comments as well, if for some reason you don't want Old Man Sully to have your email address. I'll post the best 5-10 of those a little later in the day, and will post exceptional ones over the week if they continue streaming in.

Thanks, guys! Look for some coverage of the Jets game with a little help from some of their blogs starting a little later in the day.