Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Guest Book Review

by: Chris Sullivan / RealSPD

Hey guys, just thought we'd pass this along. Regular reader RealSPD read a Seahawks Book from CostCo and wrote up a quick Seahawks review for it. Check it out below, and thanks to RealSPD for writing it up:

I wanted to let you other Hawks fans know about a book I just picked up at Costco called “Then Zorn said to Largent” (Amazon link) by Paul Moyer and Dave Wyman. The book is really good and gives tons of insight into the early years with profiles of coaches and players. The book kind of walks you through the years of Seahawks football from the beginning. The authors recount specific games that they (Moyer and Wyman) played in. Since I was born in '80 and became a Seahawks fan somewhere in the mid to late 80’s, I don’t really know that much about the early years or even much about some of the great personalities that were there when I was young. There are some great stories about Chuck Knox, The Boz (stories I had never heard that really surprised me), Tez, and Kenny Easley.

My one complaint about the book would be that, for as good of a job as they do on the early years, the info on the current era lacks substance and contains nothing new or groundbreaking. There is page after page on Knox, but only a little about Holmy. I guess that should be expected from the authors. Their player's insight makes their writeup of the early years interesting, but they were gone by the time that Holmy took over. A good example of the predictable writing in the later chapters is a standard write up they did on Alexander wherein they say the the line was good and mention it was a contract year for the MVP. All old news.

My favorite highlight is the “Knox-ism’s.” Here are a couple:

Bring your hard hat and lunch bucket

Don’t tell me how rough the water is. Just bring the boat in.

Don’t piss in my face and tell me it’s raining.

The Six P’s: Proper preparation prevents piss poor performance.

At only $14.99, it’s a good book. It also comes with a CD that has the play-by-play from the first ever Hawks game.