Monday, December 29, 2008

2009 NFC West Schedule

by: Chris Sullivan

Mike Sando wrote up a quick bit about each of the NFC West's 2009 Opponent Breakdowns (Cardinals, 49ers, Rams). The Seahawks will face the following teams in 2009:

Home opponents: Bears, Lions, Jaguars, Titans, Bucs, Cardinals, Rams, 49ers.

Road opponents: Packers, Vikings, Texans, Colts, Cowboys, Cardinals, Rams, 49ers.

We play the AFC and NFC North divisions and the Bucs at home, Cowboys away (3rd place teams in the NFC South and East, respectively). The strength of schedule of our opponents? 0.457, with only one game played in the Eastern Time Zone (Colts). This could be a very good year to get back on our feet. We'll be analyzing the schedule more as the offseason goes on.

The Rams have the toughest strength of schedule, followed by the Hawks, 49ers, and Cards... but, lets be honest, thats just because the Rams don't play themselves, we don't play ourselves, et cetera...