Saturday, December 27, 2008

Open Thread - Countdown to Mora

by: Chris Sullivan

Alright guys, well, the time is almost here. After 10 seasons, Mike Holmgren will call his last plays for the Seahawks tomorrow. This season has been a big disappointment, but the last few weeks have given us a lot of reasons to cheer, which is nice. I for one am hoping the Hawks can knock off the Cardinals tomorrow to leave them at 8-8, indicating that, in reality, that Arizona did not get a whole lot better over the last 12 months, we just had an off year.

But hey, that's just me. What ONE thing do you guys want to see tomorrow in Holmgren's last game? It could be a single play call, a screaming fit on the sideline, a victory (or loss), or anything else. How will you cope with losing arguably the greatest coach the Seahawks have ever had (which is not a knock to Chuck Knox--he is why I said arguably)?