Sunday, December 7, 2008

You picked the score, but who won?

by: Chris Sullivan

Well guys, you might remember after the Dallas game when things were pretty slow, I solicited you all to submit your scores for the Seahawks-Patriots game. You did!

There were 44 submissions in total, and only 11 picked the Seahawks straight up (25%) while 33% of you picked the Hawks to beat the spread (though I doubt the spread was out at the time, that's hardly the point). One tie was predicted by Juice_Hawk. The average margin of victory for the Seahawks was -9.6 across all picks (since most picked the Patriots, the margin of victory was negative), for those who picked the Hawks the MOV was 8.89 points.

Now then... who wins? Well, that's tough. There was no one who came in exactly correct, but there were three who I consider in contention for the victory. You guys can tell me who you think deserves to win, and whoever has more "votes" in the comments wins the super special prize, which is uh, yet to be determined. I'll try to make it worth your while though. Votes will count if they're in before 8:00 PM PST Monday. Here are the top three:

Addict Name Pats Hawks Pick M.O.V.
Actual Score 24 21 Patriots -3
Mr.Snuggles 27 24 Patriots -3
CWEH 24 20 Patriots -4
CanadaHawk 23 20 Patriots -3