Sunday, December 28, 2008

The End of an Era

by: Chris Sullivan

The day has finally come, fellow Addicts... Mike Holmgren steps onto the field for the last time as the Head Coach of your Seattle Seahawks. What's more, he steps on the field with a rag tag team composed of 7 starting backups on his Offense, but a team with which he has led to victories the last two weeks. We are underdogs again, and with just cause, but a victory today means a lot to Mike Holmgren, the entire Seahawks squad, and to the franchise as a whole. A win today keeps the Cardinals at a statistical tie with their 2007 record despite all the hype surrounding them this year. A win today sends the winningest active coach out of the realm of coaching with a win that he deserves. A win today proves to the young players that they have the talent to win in the NFL consistently, and makes the path to a winning 2009 a slight bit easier.

A win today will also likely drop the Seahawks Draft Pick from around #5 to #7, which sounds like bad news, but it will decrease the value of the contract a few million and if you're in the Taylor Mays camp, he is more likely to be grabbed at 7 than he is 5, but that might still be a bit of a stretch.

Either way, I am rooting for Mike and for the Seahawks today, I want a win and I want it bad. I want to crush the Cardinals and show them who really does reign the NFC West... lets force them to question their talents, question their RBs, their QB situation... etc. Seahawks for President, 2009!