Sunday, December 28, 2008

The 2008 Seahawks Season is over

by: Chris Sullivan

Well guys, the misery is over. The 2008 season has drawn to a close, and with it, Mike Holmgren's 10 year career as the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks is done. The Jim Mora era begins in earnest tomorrow morning. 

The Seahawks gave it a pretty good try today, but lacked the fire necessary in the second half. The last quarter's play calling seemed like Holmgren was resigned to a loss in order to let Morris show his stuff a little more. But hey, I think Big Mike deserves the luxury to let us lose in his last game, if thats really the game he wants to call. Why not, right? 

UPDATED:  Oakland won today as did Cincinatti, so it would appear that the Seahawks will be picking #4 overall. The draft order appears to be 1) Detroit 2) Kansas City 3) St Louis 4) Seattle 5) Cleveland.  [Thanks to all who corrected me in the comments!]

Okay, okay, enough prattling: Send this season out like it deserves... R-Rated Post begins F***ing NOW!