Sunday, December 21, 2008

Your thoughts on Mike Holmgren...

by: Chris Sullivan 
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Hey guys, I asked for your thoughts for Big Mike and, well, here are a few of them. Feel free to fill in the comments with more, or shoot me an email and I'll make some random posts throughout the week. Keep them coming! 

The first writeup comes from Jeffrey Gearhart, long-time Seahawks fan and contributor to

This Sunday will mark the end of an era in Seahawks history. Mike Holmgren will step onto Qwest Field for the final time as Head Coach of the Seattle Seahawks. Could we ever have imagined the impact and success he would bring to this team? If that first season was any indication; winning the AFC West and making the playoffs for the first time since 1988; we as fans knew this was the start of beautiful thing. As the longest-tenured coach in club history, he passed Chuck Knox last season for most career Seahawks victories.

As of this week, Holmgren stands at 88-79 including post-season. Holmgren did what no other coach did in franchise history; took us to the Super Bowl. Not only did he take us to the Super Bowl, he gave us 5 division titles, a conference championship, and an NFL MVP in Shaun Alexander (we miss you Shaun). Without a doubt, Mike Holmgren brought new life back into the franchise and gave fans something to look forward to every season. His success in Seattle will live on in the history books and there is no better way for him to exit Qwest Field than a match-up against his former star quarterback in Green Bay, Brett Favre. When Sunday rolls around there will be a lot on Mike Holmgren’s mind, not only does he have a game to coach, but this is his last home game and there’s no doubt he wants a win. On Sunday, when time expires at the end of the game, you can be sure that the fans will not be making a quick exit. As classy as Mike Holmgren is, Seattle fans are just as classy. And they will pay their gratitude by hanging around and letting Mike know he will be missed. Mike thanks for the memories and everything you did for this great franchise. We will miss you and you will never be forgotten!

Greg in Portland talks about the 'signature' of Iron Mike Holmgren, and even provides a youtube video for our edification! 

I would have to say that my favorite memory/memories of Mike are definitely his reactions/expressions after a whistle is blown.  Whether positive or negative he has always been very animated (except for this season).  Here is one example

It seems as if the fire was put out this season (as it has for most of us fans), and it's too bad he is ending on this note.  Also, I always liked when the commentators would tell fans who do not know Holmgren how he is given a five yard bubble after a turnover/bad play.  Matt would avoid eye contact and keep his distance for a few minutes before he would go and talk to coach H.  Someone with that kind of presence is always welcome on the sidelines of any team.  Which is why Nolan was canned and Singletary took over.
JPHawker shares his thoughts on Coach Holmgren:

Coach you will be missed... Under the leadership of Coach Holmgren the Seattle Seahawks have been transformed from a pretender that no one noticed into a contender that other teams wish to emulate, he helped turn the mindset of the fan base from one of hoping to win into one that now expects to win and not only win regular season games but to win in the playoffs and Super Bowl, what else needs to be said turning a team from pretender to contender is the ultimate, and he did it the right way he brought in people and players that we can be proud of, and made a day at Qwest a fun filled joyous time. I remember exactly where I was when I heard the great news that the Seahawks singed Holmgren to a contract and I remember having goose bumps and a chill run down my spine knowing that he would do what it took to get this team to the Promised Land and I don’t care what the score board read in Detroit the Seahawks are Champions in my mind and Coach had a huge part in creating that. 

Thank You Coach for all you have done and meant to the rabid “12th Man” we can’t begin to thank you enough, and I truly hope the best for you and yours in what ever the future holds for you.