Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wahle on IR, Kerney in doubt...

by: Chris Sullivan

Hey all. First, I want to apologize for the sloth in covering a couple of stories on the blog lately. I've been sick and just insanely busy, with pretty poor access to computers. Nevertheless, here's the news:

The beat reporters are saying that Patrick Kerney recently got surgery on his shoulder and he had in fact torn his labrum. Again. He is not expected to be back before training camp next year, and is actually expected to miss some or all of it. This from a man due one of the largest salaries on the team in 2009 certainly calls into question whether Mr. Kerney will be on the team. It is possible that he will renegotiate his contract, of course, but it is also possible that he won't and he will instead be let go. I find it hard to believe the Hawks will spend $9.5 million (I believe that's his cap hit next year) on a guy with two torn labrums in three years.

In related news, Mike Wahle had surgery on his shoulder and is expected to be out for 9-12 weeks of recovery, meaning, yes, he is on the IR. That brings the grand total of Seahawks starters on the IR to 517, more or less. This is also an injury that he has sported before, but I imagine his status is a little less in doubt. I've imagined wrong before though, so we need to keep an eye on that.

Recall that young buck Chris Spencer is also seemingly plagued with injuries, and will most certainly be looked at under the microscope during the offseason. I suppose the moral of this story is... the 2008 Seahawks season is like a box of cherry cordials: things look good at first but you usually end up disappointed. Or something like that...

Question of the Day: How many current Seahawks starters will be starting week one for the Seahawks in 2009?