Sunday, December 14, 2008

Seahawks Win - Draft Update [updated]

by: Chris Sullivan

With the Seahawks' last second victory over the Rams, Cincinatti beating the Redskins, and KC leading with about 2 minutes left in their game [THEY LOST!!!! Connor Barth sucks], this is how the draft would go if the season ended today:

  1. Detroit: 0-14
  2. St Louis: 2-12
  3. Kansas City: 2-12
  4. Cincinatti: 2-11-1
  5. Seattle: 3-11 / Oakland 3-1?
We'll have to figure out how all of the tie-breakers work. Bear in mind that KC and Cincinatti play each other in week 16, so that will affect the picture a bit. Oakland is always a legitimate upset pick. It looks like we're probably getting a 3-6 pick in the 2009 draft. I am still leaning towards the #4 I projected a few weeks back. ~END~