Monday, December 15, 2008

Players on the Rise

by: Mike Parker

Mike Sando posted a great article in his NFC West blog today in which he evaluated the division's players who are both rising and falling.

And guess what?

Not one Seahawk is one the "falling" list.

Sando cites Seneca Wallace, Jordan Babineaux, Deion Branch, Olindo Mare and John Carlson as the Seahawks whose value is on the rise. He gave Mare some props for kicking a game-winner "in Josh Brown's house," as well as Seneca for rallying the team in the second half when it seemed no one had anything left.

Also mentioned was the fact that Rams G Richie Incognito (the winner and still champion of the "Most Ironic Last Name Ever" award) was penalized a season-high four times in Sunday's game against the Seahawks, which is even more vindication since a few players were calling him out earlier in the week for dirty play.

Sure, it might be Week 15, and it was a victory over the lowly Rams in St. Louis, but at this point I think Seattle sports is overdue for some good press. It's nice to read the headlines today without wanting to jump off my roof. -END-