Friday, December 12, 2008

Walter Jones Undergoes Surgery, Done for Year

by: Mike Parker

(Thanks to Tam for the heads-up on this.)

Danny O'Neil has just reported that Walter Jones has had knee surgery and will not play again for the rest of the season.

The expected recovery time, according to coach Holmgren, is 12 weeks, so it shouldn't be something that holds Big Walt out of training camp for 2009.

Meanwhile, Hasselbeck and Leroy Hill have been ruled out for Sunday's game in St. Louis.

Here's hoping for a fully rejuvenated Big Walt leading the offensive line in 2009. He had the foresight to realize there's no point in playing out this season and risking further injury, especially so late in his career. At least now I can watch Sunday's game and cringe a little bit less than usual. -END-