Monday, December 8, 2008

Holmgren: "If they can play, they play."

by: Mike Parker

Here's a quote from today's press conference with Holmgren that I found encouraging and disturbing all at the same time:

"If a player is healthy he should play," Holmgren said. "In fairness to his teammates, first of all. It's a team sport. We talk about team unity and battling for each other, all that kind of stuff. As soon as you start doing things like that ... you're not being true to your word. My own philosophy is if they can play, they play."
Are we really going to risk Walt and Matt's health at this point in the season? Am I believing what I'm seeing here? Are Holmgren's intentions a little misguided? Did he see how well Seneca and the patchwork offensive line played yesterday? And when am I going to stop making posts that include the words "at this point in the season?" (Probably after Week 16.)

I understand the ethics behind Holmgren's statement here, but ongoing and recurring health problems to franchise players are not something you should try to fight through to get them back on the field when you're 2-11 and in the worst division in football. I need a drink.

EDIT:Apparently, Matt has just revealed that the team is seriously thinking of sidelining him for the rest of the season, and that he'd be 100 percent again "by February" if that were to happen. Can this please happen? -END-