Sunday, December 28, 2008

Keys to a victory

by: Chris Sullivan

So, what do the Hawks need to do to pull off this upset? I'll keep this one sort of quick:

  • Get to Kurt Warner early and often. When he's gone, do the same to Matt Leinart. I'd love to see ex-Bear Mebane squash ex-Trojan Leinart. Just sayin'.
  • Keep Fitz, Boldin and Breaston under control. How was it done last week? Lets do that. Wilson may be playing for his starting job next year -- can he REALLY have an impact against someone like Larry Fitzgerald? He's got the speed, but he'll never have the size. How have his fundamentals improved since Week 11? We're going to find out today. Trufant should cap off his quietly excellent year today.
  • Another strong game from Seneca. Duh.
  • Continued success of the O-Line. This should be a pretty good test today. The Cards don't have an elite pass rushing squad by any means, but they do have something the last few teams haven't had: real game film to watch of these young guys. Can they exploit it? We (and Seneca) will find out today.
Add your keys in the comments.